Free Online Content Creation Tools I Use To Make My YouTube Videos

Making videos used to take up a lot of my time. And I dreaded it every single time I had to start a new video. I never knew what the topic was going to be, the words weren’t flowing and I just couldn’t seem to find the motivation or time to sit down and film. But now that I have these tools, creating videos is so much easier and quicker!

All of the tools listed are FREE.

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Researching YouTube keywords with VidIQ

VidIQ is the only tool you need for your Youtube channel to research keywords, see what videos are trending and get invaluable data to help you grow.

Every day you also get AI suggestions for video ideas based on your channel’s audience.

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Brainstorming video ideas with Miro

Miro is an online brainstorming and collaboration tool. It can be used to generate ideas, map out storyboards or even just save notes. It’s also great for working on ideas with your editors, scriptwriters or anyone else in your team. . I like to brainstorm and prioritise my video ideas in Miro.

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Editing a video with Descript

Edit your videos like a Google Doc? Yes please!

This amazing transcription tool is a must have for any YouTuber or podcaster looking to quickly remove filler words, create their rough edit and even generate clips to use on Social Media.

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Creating blog posts with Copy.AI

I use this fantastic AI writing tool to write content for everything from Youtube descriptions, Instagram and TikTok captions and even blog posts.

A massive help for defeating writers block and ensuring your copy and content is error free and optimised for SEO.

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Creating a content planner with Trello

Trello is a great tool for managing content creation. Trello helps you organise your content creation process, manage your time efficiently and stay organised. It can even automate some aspects of your process if you want it to!

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Over time I’ve learned which apps work best to help me craft my ideas into something that’s valuable to my audience. They have made video content creation ridiculously easy and I am now making more videos than ever before! I hope they help you do the same.